It is with "Mucho Cariño" that I share this opportunity for any of You or any of Your friends!

This could be particularly wonderful for teachers, or loved ones and guests who come for only a certain time, or if any of You have  visitors for any amount of time!

Please enjoy the invitation- and especially, take advantage of The Promotion!

Much Joy and Huge Hugs---  Gwen

Dearest Friends:

A most exclusive residential opportunity is available to You each or anyone you may know! 

Recognizing the special conditions that we are all presently living - this could be a great opportunity.  

This is available to expat or Mexican young professional women.   

Each living area comes with dynamic design, luxury, top notch security, integral kitchens, gym, internet, and all requirements for full-comfort living!

There are no pets allowed. There is no parking nor washing machines, but there are fabulous, inexpensive facilities around the corner.  

The inside property is only available for tenants, though we have a nice reception area for occasional visitors.

There is also a lovely terrace with a pagoda in the roof garden for you to enjoy special moments!

If you or anybody interested mentions this message, applicants will receive Preferential Treatment!

Direct contact with landlord:

Doctor Honoris Causa and Ambassador
Mario González-Román
Cell 5554365137 
Email: frog_mario@hotmail.com