Running with the Bulls Horn

By Comcast Sports Network, Chicago, Ill.

Running and drinking. Two activities most people keep separate. Not the Chicago House Harriers; a different kind of running club which may appeal to those who always wanted to compete in a triathlon but don’t like cycling, can’t swim and like to drink beer.

They meet at Simon’s in Andersonville at 7:15 with a tradition of being late.

A typical run is three or four miles long and winds through alleys, goes in circles, over tracks and through the woods. You run at your own pace. “Our runs are similar to playing kick the can or ghost in the graveyard as kids,” Batteries not included said.  “It’s all about having a fun run and not taking it so serious.”

The Hare (the designated person to lead) marks the sidewalks with chalk for the hounds (runners) to follow. Turns in the trail are signaled by whistles and horns to alert the Hounds.

Before the run, a circle is formed by all the runners and everyone introduces themselves.  Names like the 69 cent man, Or-g, Horney (the horn carrying member who has ran with the Harriers since 1987), Batteries not included, Just-Sharon, Sugar Nipples and Beer Stop Bob. After participating in three or four runs you are bestowed with a nickname not to your choosing. Before your nickname you are “Just – Your Name”.

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