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SATURDAY, April 14, 2018


Cholita & Welcome Party for Marisol, Miriam & Liz


April 13, 2018 will mark Cholita, RIP (my mother)'s 7th posthumous anniversary. Thanks to her we have a unique, unparalleled -altruistic, not for profit- lodging program for young women professionals. Postgraduate students receive preferential ttreatment. Our permanent goal is to promote higher education in young women. The Mexican Senate has received an initiative so that among other reasons, myself and 3 members of our team be granted the distinction of Doctor Honoris Causa.

Our tenants are permanent witnesses that this is a not-for-profit operation. As a matter of fact, at this time we have a debt of more than $ 50,000 pesos for recent expenses incurred in maintenance, services, etc. 

In short:


In this occasion we have the Honor of opening our doors in Minatitlán 12, Roma Sur to welcome a young, attractive, intelligent, talented woman. Her names is


Eli was born in Mexico City. Was accepted as a tenant on March 13, 2018. She plans to stay with us on a permanent basis. She is 22, has work commitment and in addition, she attends college as a Make Up Artist in Instituto de Diseño en Imagen Profesional (IDIP). Her family lives in Cuautepec. Her father is a  Veterinarian. He is also a cattle raiser. Her mom is a houseife. An older sister is a lawyer, lives in 

BilbaoBasque country, in Spain. Eli works for a new, digital magazine which is about to open operations. The name of the magazine will be Moda por Mexicanos (Fashion for Mexicans). Her direct supervisor is a journalist working for Reforma newspaper. His name: Víctor Juárez González. Eli,  as she likes to be called, has visited Spain, France, Italy, Malta & Portugal, USA too. She claims to love life, especially to LEARN new things. Her motto is that Life is a Learning Process that Never Ends. Eli has beautiful eyes, has a great sense of humor. She has a lot to offer her roomies because of her knowledge in fashion, personal image.

WIth the nice presence of, among other VIPS, the National Coordinator for the Isidro Fabela Foundation, AC, the Senior Journalist in Show Business in Mexico, our liaison with TV Azteca, who is also a Psychotherapist who Specializes in the Treatment of Traumatized Children, we'll be organizing a 

ping-pong tournament and we'll offer a 

BBQ in our terrace.

At this time what we recommend is RSVP ASAP. Email: Leave a message in tel. no. (landline) 55745228. 


On April 14, 2018 Cholita (RIP)  would be celebrating her 85th BDay. A native of Tampico Alto, Ver. she pampered those in attendance to her anniversary with her world-famous 

apple, tuna fish, strawberry pies , stuffed turkey, etc. She was of Italian descent, proudly Mexican. Before all a 

WOMAN, for us it is important to count with your presence. The professional future of our tenants may MARK A DIFFERENCE between what they enjoy today in their places of employment, areas of influence.


We will put our best effort, enthusiasm in putting together a special event:

VEGETARIANS will be offered fresh salads. Carnivors will enjoy turkey sausages, chicken legs & thighs on the grill with our secret 

BBQ with honey, (yes: not a mistake), also rabbit and guachinango fish fillets, Italian spaghetti, 


In return we request the generosity of those in attendance by donating the bottle of 

table wine, liquor of your preference, pastry, whatever your generous heart desires to make this a historic event.


SUNDAY, April 15, 2018

11:00 AM

We'll meet in La Espiga Bakery

corner of Insurgentes Sur, Eje de Baja California, next to Chilpancingo metro station. We'll have breakfast, Dutch treat. No bicycles this time.

12:00 PM

We'll hop in the subway.  Shall get off in Tacubaya subway station 

and board the city bus to Marquesa or Acopilco. Bus will take the old highway to Toluca. When we reach the Santa Fe residential area

we'll get off the bus, just past CIDE.

12:15 PM

We'll walk across the highway on the pedestrain bridge in the Cuajimalpa area onto Santa Fe. We'll jog, downhill, passing in front of the Mall, Universidad Iberoamericana

Televisa, etc. Then we'll stop in Santa Fe mini-market & tianguis. Touristy visit.


We'll hop in the bus across the market. 


We'll be arriving in Taquería La Onda, located on 420 Barrilaco, Lomas de Chapultepec. When we finish our lunch we'll pay a visit to the Political Attache, South African Embassy, recovering from surgey in his home. We'll be watching new movies in Netflix having a beer or two. This :) HOPPY Sunday comes to an end.


April 22, 2018

12 PM - Our meeting point will be the

Image result for escaleras del auditorio nacional pics

Stairs, National Auditorium

This time we'll bring our bicycles to ride these, run too in a loong, interesting visit across Polanco, ending up in Lomas de Chapultepec, where we'll have lunch in Taquería la Onda

Polanco is a famous and upscale district in Mexico City.

The neighborhood is notable because of its cultural diversity, some of the wealthiest families in Mexico and Latin America that have homes in Polanco, and a very long list of politicians, celebrities, artists and businessmen that call the area home.

The neighborhood is also populated with expensive offices, restaurants, museums, luxurious stores and shopping malls; some embassies are also located in Polanco, including the embassy of Canada. 

 Its Avenida Presidente Masaryk is the highest-priced street and the one with the most upscale boutiques in Latin America. It is compared by some to Beverly HillsRodeo Drive or New York City's Fifth Avenue

More about Colonia Polanco, HERE thanks to Wikipedia.

We'll end up at about  

3:00 PM - Having lunch in 


Taquería La Onda  

Most likely, after lunch we'll be invited to a private residence in Lomas de Chapultepec to watch movies.


April 22, 2018

10 AM - We'll meet in front of the stairs (extreme left) at the 

Ciudad de Mexico - 1194 - Auditorio Nacional.jpg

National Auditorium, ready to travel by car to the State of Mexico. We'll go the "Eagle's Nest" to run in the forest -surrounded by pine trees. This place is located at about 17 kms. distance from the auditorium. If you want to drive your own car, we'll be taking Periférico - Avenida Primero de Mayo- Highway to Toluca via Chimalpa. About 3 kms ahead is the entrance (RIGHT TURN) to San José Tejamanil. Bring your money for your meals, drinks.

Feb 9, 2018, 11:02 PM